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Ophiopogon planiscapus

Green Mondo



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Ophiopogon planiscapus, commonly known as Green Mondo or “Green Mondo” Grass, presents itself with grass-like clumps of dark-green, strappy foliage accompanied by small sprays of lilac flowers. This evergreen plant is hardy and reaches a compact size of 30 cm in both height and width. Best suited for free-draining soil, it thrives in both sun and semi-shaded areas, making it an ideal choice for borders, pots, and ground cover applications. 

Growing and Caring: 

  • Suitable Climate: Flourishes in a variety of climates, showing adaptability to both temperate and coastal conditions. 
  • Sunlight: Best grown in either full sun or semi-shade, providing flexibility in placement within different garden settings. 
  • Soil Requirements: Thrives in well-draining soil, and it can adapt to various soil types.  
  • Watering: Regular watering during the growing season is recommended, ensuring the soil stays consistently moist but not waterlogged. 
  • Pruning: Trim back any dead or damaged foliage to maintain a tidy appearance and encourage fresh growth. 
  • Nutrition:Apply a balanced, slow-release fertilizer in the spring to support healthy growth and maintain vibrant foliage. 
  • Mulching: Apply a layer of organic mulch around the base to conserve soil moistureand suppress weed growth. Do not use weedmat under this plant. 
  • Pest and Diseases: Generally resistant to pests and diseases 

Attractive Features of Ophiopogon planiscapus – Green Mondo for Landscaping: 

  • Dark-Green Foliage: The dark-green, strappy foliage forms attractive clumps, providing a lush and visually appealing ground cover. 
  • Lilac Flowers: Small sprays of lilac flowers add a touch of color and delicacy to the landscape, enhancing the overall aesthetic. 
  • Compact Size: With a modest size of 30 cm in both height and width, Green Mondo is versatile and suitable for borders, pots, and as an understory ground cover. 
  • Evergreen Appeal: Retains its attractive foliage throughout the year, ensuring year-round interest and greenery in the garden. 
  • Ideal Ground Cover: Well-suited for ground cover applications, Green Mondo effectively fills in spaces with its dense growth, suppressing weeds and adding texture to the landscape. 

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